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ReOS v2 Manual

This manual is intended to be the extended resource for all standard questions on using ReOS. It includes information useful for 'standard' users up to administrators who want to configure and run their own ReOS installation. Pages should start with a general description of a feature and how to use it and then go into detail how to configure it.

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 - What is ReOS?
   - Design & Functionalities
   - Create a Property Offer
   - Holiday Rentals
   - Pictures of a Property
   - Languages
   - Search Property Offers
   - Print Offers
   - Create an Account
   - Buyer's Profile
   - Offers Expiration Rules
   - Publish News & Events
   - Contact Form
   - Your Organization
   - Mailing Campaigns
 - ReOS Administration
   - Administration Site
   - List of values
   - App. Variables
   - Organization Structure
   - Users and Roles
   - My, My Team and All views    
   - Holiday Rentals Setup
   - Currency
 - Your own ReOS Installation
   - Requirements
   - Installation
   - Post-Installation Tasks 
   - Troubleshooting
   - Translations
   - Web Design Customization
   - Page Layout Customization
   - Create a New User
   - Property images
   - Setup Cities
   - Setup Mass Mail
   - Add your own links
   - Installing Google Analytics
   - Google Map Key Generation
 - Adapting ReOS to Your Needs
   - Using XSL templates to alter the looks of your ReOS
   - Make ReOS talk your language
   - A matter of style with CSS
   - Making code modifications
 - Some details on special needs
   - ReOS and Search Engines aka. SEO
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